World Education Service and Private Tutoring

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World Education Service and Personal Tutoring


1) Total HOME-SCHOOLING with

WES International Support for English Speaking

Students!  (ESL, EFL)

(Certified, with monthly fee, Online Tutoring Available)

2)  Total HOME SCHOOLING with

IXL World Education Service International Support for

English Speaking Students! (EFL)


(Certified, with monthly fee, Online Tutoring Available)


3)  Total HOME SCHOOLING with

     K12-International Academy Online!  (EFL) - Certified, with Monthly Fee!!!

 4)  Total Homeschooling by IGSCE - Cambridge International - Certified, with

Monthly Fee!!!

@ Tutoring starts from: 1h=45GBP =50EURO/h, timing from 4h/daily by

3t/w + !!!

5) HOME-SCHOOLING by Language Arts for International Students: (ESL, EFL)

( Online Tutoring Support Included into the Selected Package!!!)

a) Language Arts for kids with British Council!

b) Geo for Kids Educational Programmes as part of ESL Courses!

c) Home Schooling with BBC Bitesize: English, Math, Science!

d) Language Arts with Oxford and Cambridge Programs online!"

e) Home Schooling Online Education for PreK-12th with Time4Learning System!

f) Home Schooling for Reading and Math skills with WES for Young Learners (YLE)

( from 2 y.o. - up to 4 y.o. Pre-K1, K1+)

g) Home Schooling Cambridge Primary International ( General Curriculum)

h) Home Schooling with Rosetta Stone Language Arts Activities

i)  Home Schooling IB Diploma ( Cambridge Courses)

@ Tutoring starts from: 1h=35GBP =40 EURO, timing from 2h/daily

by 2t/w +!!!

(All Programs Certified, with Additional Monthly Fee for Online Access!!! )

@ Summer Packages for Homeschooling with WES: 4h/daily @ 90GBP

=100EURO ( Certified, WES Access and Support Included)

Order Your Free Personal Consultation Online!!!


Happy to offer Deep English Fluency Course for Level Update, Business English Courses for Career Goals,

Any entry-exam preparations for


2) A1 - MOVERS


4) A2 Key for SCHOOLS (KET)

5) B1 Preliminary for SCHOOLS


6) B2 First for SCHOOLS (FCE)

7) A2 KEY (KET)

8) B1 Preliminary (PET)

9) B2 FIRST ( FCE)

10) C1 -Advanced (CAE)

11) C2 -Proficiency ( CPE)

12)  B1 Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary)

13)  B2 Business Vantage ( BEC Vantage)

14)  C1 Business Higher ( BEC Higher)

Additional International Exams and Systems:

TOEFL, IELTS, ,  GCSEIGCSE (International Curriculum)ECCE, TOEIC,

A+Certification (IT Specialist)

via Oxford and Cambridge Online Library +.

@ The Smallest Academic Programme Package covers at least: 15 lessons for and

equal to Standard International Fee: 2h=60GBP=70EURO=5000RUB;

@ Academic Programme Packages for Exam Preparation via PAS system ( Paying

-In-Advance provides 10% Discount!!!



Deep English Fluency Course

Tutoring from 50 EURO/ 90 min.

Business English Pod for BEC

Tutoring from 80 EURO /90 min

Alison University Business Career

Tutoring from  100 EURO / 2h + Online ACCESS

  Additional Courses for Overview


IELTS Exam Preparation

Tutoring from 90min/60GBP=70EURO=5000RUB

Deep English Fluency Course with Rosetta Stone

Tutoring from


TOEFL iBT Exam Preparation

Tutoring from 90min/60GBP=70EURO=5000RUB

Global Language Training for Business Projects

(Personal Management System)

General Business English Skills for Cooperation + Individual Program by Your Profession (specially designed topics for Enterprise skills, Analytic skills, General Management Cooperation, Personal Growth, Team-Building Skills, online Support) 

@ 2h=85GBP=100EURO=7500RUB (including apps and online access to the courses)

NOTE: From 15 Lessons pack via 'Payment-in-Advance -System' (PAS) @ 10% DISCOUNT!!!

* PROFI Business English Skills in Printed Versions 

* PROFILE Business Course Online (Downloads, Exercises, Games)



@ Individual Consultation by All Educational Programs and Courses.

@ Individual Tutoring Service for International Exam Preparations

@ Multi-Lingual  Tutorials for International Studies with BBC LANGUAGES

@ Multi-Lingual Tutorials for Job Interviews and Official Immigration Programs

 @ Professional Manager Service' and Tutorials for Integrated 'Family-Based' Individualized


WES International SUPPORT Currently Available on English, French, Italian and

Russian Languages. (London, Paris, Milan, Moscow)

@ For Direct Connection, Please Be So Kind to Contact UK  Office Central:

My best regards,

Anastasia Fennell, MA in Ed.

[email protected]

+79296470759  (What'sUp)